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Wordenscaping (Word Creation)


NorðvmbroMersian is trve Anglisc, ðe nowlige AngloSachson tong. 
As svch, ovr aim is, an tong to scapan, hwich as trve as docanlig to 
its Germaniccen rooten is. An weightig bit qereaf is ovr wordhoard, 
hwich we hopens, as hairfine and as bending as qat af Anglisc to macan; 
yet hwich, unlice Anglisc, onelig worden inholdeq, hwich so far as docanlig 
each NM speacer himself downbreacan can, into 
vnderstandcanligen homegegrownen bitten, so qat he eferig new word 
vnderstanden can, as he it firsttides hitteq and, sametidelig, so qat 
he qose samen homegegrownen wordbildingbitten anwendan can, his own 
newen worden to scapan, hwich any oqer NM speacer 
downbreacan and vnderstanden cannan scovld. Newwordscaping is, in 
NM, mostlig qrovgh qe togeqersetting homegegrownen 
bildingbitten gedone, qvs gifing each speacer qe freedom, his own worden 
to an straightforward and vnderstandcanlig mvster to scapan. Ðrough qis 
straightforward wordbildingbriccentogeqerpvtting has NM 
eferig bit qes Angliscen bendingnesses, eferig meaningscade ovttospeacan, 
qat man ovtqincan can.
   Ovr tong borroweq as rarelig as docanlig worden and wordbitten; hwen
it needed is, qen trien we from ovr Germaniccen broqertongen to borrowan, 
as qese qi nearesten tongen to ovr own aren. Ðe big winning qereaf is, 
qat ovr worden seeqrovghlig to eferyone aren. man needeq qerefor bvt an 
grovndgrasp qis bildingbriccen ovres tongs, hwich qi homegegrownen 
wordnbildingbitten qes Anglisces aren. Ðis is grovndlig an 
againfolcsmightigmacing qes tonges, gifing bac qe tong to qe common folc.
It gifeq qe lie to qe laughworqig businesstanding, hwereby we qingen by
Romaniscen and Greeciscen worden callen, qat only an growinglig wee
folcsgrovp, hwo "classiclig" geschooled weren, graspan can. Tis bvt qis
same topgrovp, hwo qe cannigness gettan, new worden to scapan cannan.
Ðis is wrong. We scovlden alle qis docanligness gettan, qis right.
   Tis also sillig. Hwy scovlden we an hippopotamus an word meaning 
"waterhorse" callen? Hwerefore not enclig waterhorse sayan? Hwy
scovlden we paediatrician anwendan, hwen it enclig childhealer
meaneq? Abit from anyqing else, hwerefore scovlden we wiq welscen
scribingen af worden lice diarrhoea and paediatrician
struggelan mustan? Hwy scovlden we wiq Romaniscen moreligendingen on 
worden lice stadium and appendix grappelan mustan? Anwendeq
man an homegegrown word and svch daften waystopperen ovtsightgoen. We 
beliefen it is qe birqright qes folcs, not merelig qes fewes, mans own
tong to vnderstandan cannan, it scaplig to bilden cannan and it wiqovt
fear, qat man an fail gemade haq, hwile man qe welsc bending or scribing 
qis welscen worden not vnderstood haq, qat man to anwendan musted.

Ðere followeq an list af homegegrownen wordmacingbitten, qe anwending
qereaf we for NMwordbilding forwardpvtten. Alle qese worden aren frvitful -
bevn good and anwenden qen. Ðere finds also an welscwobittenlist. Ðese
welscwordbitten MAYEN NOT anwended bean. Hwere docanlig hafen we againsteadworden
forgepvt- qe pic qereaf scall oft on qe samehang hangan. Ðese wordbitten aren
YOUR bildingbriccen- qe pic is vp to yov. Ðese listen aren neiqer
allwiqhafing nor fvlldone: hast qov homegegrownwordforpvttingen for
wiqscribing or welscwordbitten for againsteading, be good and send qem

We hafen but two lawen:
a)Ðy word scovld from homegegrownen wordbitten gemade bean (or 
leastlig Germaniccen bitten, hwen qis vndocanlig is)
b)Ðy word scovld docanligst seeqrovghlig and vnderstandcanlig bean  

Homegegrownwordbildingbitten and some fromtacingen ðeires anwendinges 

A B C D E F G H I L M N O P R S T Ð V W Y  

[Layovt: onfichs (againsteadeð ðis Anglisce onfichs) 'meaning in Anglisc'  
fromtacingen from nowlig Anglisc; newgemade NM fromtacing 
[Format: affix (replaces this English affix) 'meaning in English'  current English examples; newly coined NM example 'translation 
of new example']

a- 'on/in the __ of'  f.f. atop, amid; abottom 'on the bottom of'
acros- (pan-; inter-/intra-) ''  f.f.  ; acrosEvropisc 'Pan-European'; acroslandsselling 'international trade'
after- (post-) 'afterwards, subsequently'  f.f. afterwards, afterbirth; afterwar 'post-war'
again- (re-) 'repeated action'  f.f. againcennan 'to recognise'
against- (anti-/contra-/counter-) 'opposing; combating or defending against'  f.f. againstfolcsmightlig 'antidemocratic'
arovnd- (amphi-) 'around, on all sides'  f.f.  arovndscowgrovnd 'amphitheatre'

B bac- (re-) 'back, returning' f.f. baccoman 'to return' bad- (mal-) 'badly, inadequately' f.f. bad-mouth; '' bairn-(Norð.& East.NM) (paedo-) 'pertaining to children' f.f. bairnhealðfichser 'paediatrician' be- '' f.f. to become, to bedazzle; '' (be)tween-/(be)twichst- (inter-/intra-/entre-) '' f.f. betweenlandsmatch 'international match' big- 'a bigger version' f.f. bigtown 'city' bitlig- (quasi-) 'partial' f.f. '' boð- (ambi-) '' f.f. boðhanded 'ambidextrous'
C -canlig (-able/-ible) '' f.f. docanlig 'possible' child- (paedo-) 'pertaining to children' f.f. child-minder, child-beater; childhealðfichser 'paediatrician'
D -dom 'state or fact of being; realm/jurisdiction' f.f. freedom, kingdom; '' down- '' f.f. downsize; downgoan 'to be relegated'
E -er 'the person who carries out __' f.f. doer, thinker; goer 'someone who goes somewhere, for example a participant on a trip'
F far- (tele-) '' f.f. far-off, far-flung; farspeacer 'telephone' first- (prime-) '' f.f. First Minister, ; firsttides- 'primeval' for- (pro-) 'in favour of; instead of' f.f. forhvnter 'one in favour of hunting' fore- (ante-/pre-) 'before, in (at the) front of' f.f. forehead, forearm; foreyester 'the day before yesterday' -fvl 'full of __' f.f. helpful, sorrowful; ''
G ge- 'past participle' f.f. gemade 'made'
H half- (demi-/hemi-/semi-) '' f.f. half-hearted, half-baked; halfsircel 'semi-circle' head- (prime-) 'main, capital' f.f. head office, head cook; headbigtown 'capital city' hearing- (audio-) '' f.f. , hearingseeing- 'audio-visual' here- 'stem prepostion + this' f.f. hereby, herewith; '' -hood 'state of being a __' f.f. childhood, motherhood; deerhood 'the state of being an animal'
I -ig (-y) '' f.f. happy, hungry '' in- 'in(to), inwards' f.f. inhale, incoming missile; ingoan 'to enter' -ing 'makes verbs into nouns; present participle is under discussion' f.f. sitting, meeting; ''
L -les (-less) 'lacking __' f.f. worthless, souless; '' -lice (-like) 'resembling or characteristic of' f.f. childlike, dreamlike; '' -lig (-ly) 'makes adverbs from adjectives' f.f. happily, hungrily; nowlig 'currently' light- (photo-) '' f.f. , lightwriting 'photograph'
M mis- (il-/im-/in-/ir-/mal-) 'badly, wrongly' f.f. misunderstanding, misuse; misgoan 'to go the wrong way'
N -nes (-ness) 'state, condition, quality, degree' f.f. likeness, happiness; fromnes 'origin'
O ofer- (over-/super-) '' f.f. overcome, overjoyed; ofernightan 'to stay the night' oldfolc-/old(wo)man- (geriatr-) '' f.f. old folks' home; oldfolchealðfichser 'geriatrician' on- '' f.f. onwards, on-message; ongoan 'to continue' ovt- (ex-) '' f.f. outcome, outside; ovtbreaðan 'to exhale, breathe out' ovtwið-/ovtside- (extra-) '' f.f. ''
S -scip (-ship) '' f.f. friendship, courtship; '' seeing-/sight- (video-) '' f.f. , sighttaper 'video recorder, VCR' self- (auto-) '' f.f. self-destruct; selfworcing 'automated' -speacer (-phone) '' f.f. ; farspeacer 'telephone' stead- (pro-) 'instead of' f.f. steadðingword 'pronoun' -svm (-some) '' f.f. handsome, fullsome; ''
T togeðer- (co-) '' f.f. togeðerworcan 'to co-operate' twain-/two- (bi-/di-/duo-) '' f.f. twainwheeler/twowheeler 'bicycle' tween-/twichst- (inter-/intra-/entre-) '' f.f. tweenlandsmatch 'international match'
Ð ðere- '__ + that' f.f. therewith, thereby; ðerefor 'for that' (not 'therefore, thus') ðree- (tri-) '' f.f. threesome, three-in-a-bed; ðreewheeler 'tricycle' ðrovgh- (dia-) '' f.f. ðrovghfal 'diarrhoea'
V vn- (de-/dis-/il-/im-/in-/ir-) 'the opposite of __' f.f. unfasten, undo; '' vnder- (sub-) '' f.f. undergo, underachieve; '' vp- '' f.f. upsurge, uprising; vpgoan 'to rise, be promoted'
W where- '__ + what/which' f.f. whereupon, whereby; '' wið- (co-)? '?' f.f. withold, withdraw; '' woman- (-ess) 'female' f.f. womankind, womanly; womangod 'goddess' -writing- (-graph-) '' f.f. lightwriting 'photograph'

Welscen wordbildingbitten and ovr againsteadingforepvttingen

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

-able(Fr.,Rm.)  -canlig
ambi-(Rm.)  boð-
amphi-(Rm.,Gc.)  (a)rovnd-
ante-(Rm.)  fore-
anti-(Gc.)  against-
audio-(Rm.)  hearing-
auto-(Gc.)  self-

B bi-(Rm.) two-/twain-
C co-(Rm.) togeðer-/wið- contra-(Rm.) against- counter-(Fr.) against-
D de-(Fr.,Rm.) vn- semi-(Fr.) half- di-(Gc.) two-/twain- dia-(Gc.) ðrovgh- dis-(Rm.) vn- duo-(Rm.) two-/twain-
E entre-(Fr.) (be)tween-/(be)twichst- -ess(Fr.,Rm.,Gc.) woman- ex-(Rm.) ovt- extra-(Rm.) ovtwið-/ovtside-
G geriatr-(Gc.) oldfolc-/old(wo)man- -graph(Fr.,Rm.,Gc.) -writing
H hemi-(Gc.) half-
I in-/il-/im-/ir-1(Rm.) vn-/mis- inter-/intra-(Rm.) (be)tween-/(be)twichst-; across-
M mal-(Fr.,Rm.) mis-; bad-
P paedo-(Gc.) child-/bairn-(Norð.NM) pan-(Gc.) acros- -phone(Gc.) -speacer photo-(Gc.) light- post-(Fr.,Rm.) after- pre-(Fr.,Rm.) fore- prime-(Rm.) first-; head- pro-(Fr.,Rm.) for-; stead-
Q quasi-(Rm.) bitlig-
R re-(Fr.,Rm.) again-; bac-
S semi-(Rm.) half- sub-(Rm.) vnder- super-(Rm.) ofer-
T tele-(Gc.) far-
V video-(Rm.) seeing-/sight-
(Welltongen: Fr.=Francisc, Gc.=Greecisc, Rm.=Romanisc) 1. M.W. Ðis is not ðe same in- as in A:'inhale', hwat merelig ðe AngloSachson foreðingword 'in' is! Againstead ðat forefichs not! (A:inhale = NM:inbreaðan)