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An NorðumbroMersian Groundwordenbooc
A Basic Northumbro-Mercian Dictionary

1. Norðumbro-Mersian/Anglisc Northumbro-Mercian/English.
2. Anglisc/Norðumbro-Mersian English/Northumbro-Mercian.
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1. Norðumbro-Mersian/Anglisc Northumbro-Mercian/English. A B C D E F G H I L M N O P R S T Ð* U/V** W Y A Ab: (scort for abovt) Re: across- inter- acrosslandisc international af of after- post- afterðincan to consider ag. (scort for against) vs. (versus) againcennan to remember againcoman to remember againsettan to replace against against, versus against- anti- ale beer, ale alicnesstestan to compare alicnesstesting comparison alle all allmen general allwiðhafing exhausive, containing everything amovnt amount, quantity a.n.(scort for afternoon) p.m. anger anger, rage Angleland England Anglisc English anwendan to use areaovtspeacing accent areatong dialect arovndspinnan to revolve a.s.o. (and so on) etc. A.S./A.W. (after scribing/writing) P.S. ascing question ascworðig questionable asvnderfallan to disintegrate asvnderfalling disintegration awaydoan to abolish awaygoan to depart, leave, go away awaygoing departure awayness abscence awaysendan to deport awaysending deportation awaytacan to remove awaytacing removal
B bacbit abdomen bacsayan to answer, reply bacspeacan to answer, reply bairn (East.,Norð.NM) child baniscan to exile, banish baniscedman exile (person) baniscment exile (being exiled), banishment beatan to defeat, beat befrean to liberate, free bec stream, beck; gesture (cf. Eng. beck and call) becoman to get, receive beggan to pray, beg begging prayer bending bending, flexible benighted ignorant, stupid bescvttan to decide bescvtting decision beseechan to implore, beseech besonders especially bestowan to bestow, present betocennan to represent betterlican to prefer beðincan to remeber, remind oneself, bethink bigmanlig magnificent (cf. Old Norse stórmanlig) bildan to build, establish bit part, bit, element bloom flower board table body body; organisation bog toilet boochovse library boocroom library boocstafe letter (of alphabet) boocstafelig literal(ly) bringan to/till to spend time (cf. Swed. tillbringa) bvrghisc bourgeois bvrghiscfolcbit bourgeoisie bvsinesstanding state of affairs by at the house of by (East.NM) village bysayan to mention
C -canlig -able(cf. docanlig 'doable') cannig able ceenness zeal cennan to know a person clearseeing clairvoyant cleftan to split, separate cleftcanlig separable ðes cloccs o'clock comelig beautiful comingtide future comingtidesplan intention ðe same coman to agree commontong vernacular covntword number covrselig of course cowflesc beef cow- bovine cvstombvnch culture cvstombvnchisc cultural cwac quack cwagmire quagmire cwarrelan to argue, quarrel Cwebec Quebec cween queen cwic quick cwicsilfer mercury
D ðe day today dayscriber journalist dayscribing journalism dayscript journal deeman to judge deemer judge deeming judgement deer animal (in general) deergarden zoo deerlearning zoology dgas jazz Dgvt Jute dict poem dicter poet dictlig poetic docanlig possible docanligness possibility, chance dorf village doð does downletting disappointment dragan to pull dveness respect
E earnan to deserve earðlig geographical Easternrealm Austria Easternrealmisc Austrian easygifing generous efildoan to commit a crime elc elk, moose elder parent endfastening suffix enovgh enough, sufficient erlig honest ET (ðe Evropaisce Togeðerstanding) EU (the European Union) Evropa Europe Evropaisc European
F factlessform subjunctive factlig actually fall case (e.g. 'in allen fallen'); autumn familiman (male) relative, relation familiwoman (female) relative, relation fanlig usual, normal fanligness normality far far, distant faran to travel fareðovwell goodbye faring a (short) journey farness distance farof distant, far-off farseeer/farseer television farspeacer telephone farvnyewell goodbye fest party f.f.(for fromtacing) e.g. f.g.a. (for grovnd af) because (cf.Swed. p.g.a.) fingeran to touch fire fire; passion, zeal firstdoan to pioneer firstdoer pioneer flasc flash flasce bottle, flask flesc meat floggan to punish; (also: to flog) f.n.(scort for forenoon) a.m. f.o. (for ovttacing) e.g. folc people folclig social, of the people folcsmight democracy folcðing parliament folcðinglig parliamentary, political folcðingman politician, MP (Member of Parliament) folcðingstvf politics, parliamentary business fool idiot, fool; jester foolisc idiotic, foolish for- pro- fore- pre- foredoan to pioneer foredoer pioneer forefastening prefix forepvttan to suggest forescortenan to abbreviate forespeacan to promise foreswearan to defend foreyester the day before yesterday forstandan to represent forstander representative forthovse castle forwardpvttan to encovrage forwardtoðrowan to project forwardtoðrower projector fovrð quarter fowel vowel freed peace Friggsday Friday fromness origin fromtacing example FS TV Fsp. Tel. fvc- sexual, venereal fvccan to have sex fvllbelief faith fvlldoan to complete fvlldoing completion fvlldone complete fvnnigness comedy fvnnigman comedian
G gaðeran to assemble gaðering assembly gifan to give, present gifans to be (deponent verb: 'ðere gifes') gift gift, present gladdscip pleasure glasseyen glasses godwoman goddess gold money art ðov/aren ye good please (sentense-endlig) great big greattown city green jealous; green grenslig regionalised grovnd reason growinglig increasingly
H hail hello hailing recognition hairfine subtle hairfineness subtlety half- semi- halflastgame semifinal handscoe glove hard difficult healðfichser doctor heir their(masc.) helpworcword modal verb hem them(masc.dat.) hen them(masc.acc.) henseforð from now on, henceforth here here, present hereafter after this herebeneað under this hey they(masc.) highman giant hin him(acc.) hiðer from here homegegrown native, home-grown homelig native; homely hopans to hope(deponent) hovnd/hvnd dog hve colour, hue
I ilcword adjective inn pub, inn, tavern inpvtting entry (in booc, log a.s.o.) insightcoman to appear insightcoming appearance inwanderan to immigrate inwanderer immigrant inwandering immigration ircan to annoy ircsome annoying ironway railway ironwaywaggon train
L lachs salmon land land, county landbit zone, area landpride patriotism landprovd patriotic landprovdman patriot lands- national landsman compatriot lastgame final lavghworðig ridiculous Lavgisday (East.NM) Saturday lawisc legal lawiscmacan to legalize, allow lawmacan to legislate lecan to play (like a child) licelig probable liceligness probability liceness image licestanding equal licewise similarly lifeformlearning biology line line; queue Locisday Saturday lore stories loft air loftroom loft loss defeat, loss lot quantity
M man man, person; one (pronoun) manibittig complicated, elaborate marcan to notice masteran to subjugate maw stomach meaning sentence meat food mere simple, mere merelig simply, just, merely merrig happy micel much (cf. Old Eng. micel, Swed. mycket) mid- central midbit thorax; centre, middle midday midday, noon middel centre, middle midsvmmer summer solsice, midsummer midwinter winter solsice might might, power mightig mighty, powerful mildhearted merciful mildheartedness mercy mindan to guard minder guard minnyng anniversary mo. pl. Moonsday Monday morelig plural morn morning ðe morrow tomorrow movð mouth; voice m.w. (marce well) N.B. MWM (mvchlig weightig man) VIP (very important person)
N nam. (scort for namelig) viz. (scort for Roman: videlicet) necchain necklace nee never newland colony newlig recently nigh on almost nimman to take Nippon Japan Nipponisc Japanese none none, zero nonmeeting parallel novght nought, zero nowt nothing, zero nowlig current(ly), presnt(ly)
O Odinsday (dictlig) Wednesday of off oferheadscybit zenith ofermorrow the day after tomorrow oferpvttan to translate oft often OHF (Oferheadforwardtoðrower) OHP (Overhead Projector) oldfolchealðfichser geriatrician oldfolisc geriatric oldman Senior Citizen, geriatric oldwoman Senior Citizen, geriatric oldwoods jungle (al.w. Tut. Urwald, Sfe. urskog) on. sing. oncarrian to continue onelig singular ontocoming settlement onworcan to affect (cf. Swed. p?erka) onworcing effect orderlig respective(ly) o.r.n.(on ðe rovnd nvmber) approximately oðerlice different(cf. Swed. annorlunda) oðerness difference ovtcast exile (person) ovtcastan to exile ovtcasting exile (being exiled) ovtgoan to exit, go out ovtgoing exit ovtpvttan to extinguish ovtpvtter extinguisher ovtsightgoan to disappear ovtsightgoing disappearance ovtscowan to express ovtscowing expression ovtspeacan to pronounce ovtspeacing pronunciation ovttacing example ovtðincan to imagine ovtwanderan to emigrate ovtwanderer emigrant ovtwandering emigration own. gen. ownerscip fall genitive case o.w.r. (ðe oðer way rovnd) vice versa
P an part playan to make a difference pastloocan to ignore paðfindan to explore paðfinder explorer peac peak, vertex piccan to pick, choose pic pick, choice pigflesc pork (c.f. other -flesc words e.g. cowflesc 'beef') pissan to urinate plantyard garden pressing influence (also 'pressure')
R rainscield umbrella ranccovntword ordinal number readig well-advised recconingcovntword cardinal number right now at the moment risan to travel (far and wide) roentgen x-ray roentgenan to x-ray rolig West.NM: 'fun'; East.NM: 'calm' rootlig primary, underlying, fundamental rovndgoanmacing detour rovndleading tour rovndsight panorama
S safe apart from safelig surely Sambia Zambia samefarness equidistant sametidelig simultaneous(ly) scaggirl prostitute scale balance scire county, scire sean out to appear selfrvle autonomy selfrvling autonomous selfstanding independent selfstandingness independence Sfearealm Sweden Sfearealmisc Swedish S.G.G. (straightway gold gifer) cash machine, A.T.M. scriban to write scribetool keyboard scag- sexual, venereal scaggan to make love, have sex scaper creator, author scaplig creative(ly) sceir their(fem.) scem them(fem.dat.) scen them(fem.acc.) scey they(fem.) scieldan to protect, guard scittan to defecate scratchmacing abrasive scvdderan to shudder, tremble sea- nautical self- auto- selfcilling suicide selfseller vending machine selfworcing automatic seller seller, vendor Simbabwe Zimbabwe slacan to satisfy, slake small narrow smartan to be painful smarting painful softwind zephyr sovndword onomatopoeia Sovðland Australia Sovðlandisc Australian so well as as well as speac language spingvn revolver spit saliva, spit standstead attitude, point of view stead place, position, situation steadholder lieutenant steadðingword pronoun straightway immediate(ly) strange foreign strangeland abroad stream electricity, current streampost email stripehorse zebra Svlv Zulu Svnsday Sunday swappan to exchange, swap swapping exchange, swap switchan to change switching change switchlessform infinitive
T tide time, period till until time hour Tiwsday Tuesday to until, to tobearan to offer tobearing offering tocoman to arrive togeðerhang context togeðerputtan to unify, unite, bring together togeðerput unified, united togeðerstandan to be united togeðerstanding united (with a sense of togetherness) ton/town town tong language tonglearning grammar top top, vertex topgroup élite topgroupisc élitist topstead zenith traccwaggon tram tract area, tract, zone treedwelling arboreal treegarden arboretum treelig arboreal treescadestead arbour tresspass sin trots despite troð pledge troðan to pledge try attempt, try tryan to attempt, try tryscribing essay TSA (ði Togeðerstandingen Staten Americas) USA (the United States of America) t'vs dative of 'us' Tvtonland Germany twain- bi- twainwheeler bicycle, bike (')twasn't it was not (')twicst between twicst- inter- twicstworcan to interact twicstworcing interaction twofold double, twofold twowheeler bicycle twelftimensday equinox Tyrsday (dictly) Tuesday
Ð* ðancs please (also 'thankyou') ðe the(sing.) ðee you(dat.sing.) ðerefore ðat because ðerefrom from there/that ðeretrots despite that ðes the (gen.sing.) ði the (plur.) ð.i. (ðat is) i.e. ðig you(acc.sing.) ðingan (of parliament) to sit, meet ðingword noun ðis this; the (gen.plur.) ðiðer from there ðorpe village Ðorsday (dictlig) Thursday ðov you(sing.) ðovðovsand million ðreefold treble/triple, threefold ðrise three times ðrovghfall diarrhoea Ðunorsday Thursday
U/V** vnderhovse cellar vnlawisc illegal vnreadig ill-advised (cf. Ethelred the Unready) vpfindan to invent vpfinding invention vpheatan to excite vpheated excited vpspeedan to accelerate, speed up
W waggon car waited expected waterhorse hippotamus waðer water waystopper problem, obstacle wee small weecsend weekend weepan to cry weightig important well well, source welltong source language wellcenned famous welsc strange welscfear xenophobia wendan (went, gegone) to go, walk whense from where wherefore why whelp puppy, little dog while because whinan to cry, be miserable whininglig miserably whole completely win win, victory winner winner, victor winning benefit wireless radio, wireless wisdomtool computer wisan to know a fact wit knowledge wiðhangan to accompany wiðsovnder consonant wiððincan to agree wiðworcan to co-ooperate wiðworcing co-ooperation Wodensday Wednesday wooan to woo, tempt woods forest, woods worcan to work worcsan to seem (deponent verb) worcword verb wordenbooc dictionary wordhoard vocabulary wordfromness etymology wordwisdom linguistic sensitivity, ability with words worldtownlig cosmopolitan worð value, worth worð bean to desrve, merit wrað wrath, rage writingdesc keyboard wrongdoan to commit a crime wrongdoer criminal wrongdoing crime wyrd fate, destiny
Y ye you(plural) yearday anniversary; birthday yester yesterday (cf. Ger. gestern, NL. gisteren) yolly jolly yvle Christmas yvletide Christmas time

*When man no 'ð' scriban can, may man instead ðe boocstafe 
'q' anwendan, as it an spare bvtton is, which also an vpsidedown ð 
**In Northumbro-Mercian aren ði boocstafen 'u' and 'v' both anwended,
qe Anglisce fowel 'u' to oferpvttan. 'V' standeð nee for an wiðsovnder 
in NM: ðe Anglisce wiðsovnder 'v' is in NM as 'f' gescribed.

Ðov art ðe ð anwender ðis wordenboocs

1. Norðumbro-Mersian/Anglisc Northumbro-Mercian/English.
2. Anglisc/Norðumbro-Mersian English/Northumbro-Mercian.

2. Anglisc/Norðumbro-Mersian English/Northumbro-Mercian.


to abbreviate forescortenan
to abolish awaydoan
abdomen bacbit
abrasive scratchmacing
abroad welscland
abscence awayness
to accelerate vpspeedan
accent areaovtspeacing
to accompany wiðhangan
actually factlig
adjective ilcword
to affect onworcan
after a)after this hereafter
      b)the day after tomorrow  ofermorrow
to agree ðe same coman, wiððincan
air loft
all alle
almost nigh on
a.m. f.n. (forenoon)
animal deer
anniversary minnyng, yearday 
to annoy ircan
annoying ircsome
to answer bacsayan, bacspeacan
anti- against- 
apart from safe
to appear ovtseean (look like), insightcoman (suddenly be there) 
appearance ovtseeing (look like), insightcoming (suddenly be there) 
approximately o.r.n.(on ðe rovnd nvmber)
arboreal treelig, treedwelling
arboretum treegarden
arbour treescadestead
area landbit, tract
to argue cwarrelan
to arrive tocoman
to assemble gaðeran
assembly gaðering
as well as so well as
at (the house of) by
attempt try
to attempt tryan
attitude standstead
Australia Sovðland
Australian Sovðlandisc
Austria Easternrealm
Austrian Easternrealmisc
author scaper
auto- self-
automatic selfworcing
autonomous selfrvling
autonomy selfrvle
autumn fall

B balance scale bar inn be gifans(deponent verb: 'ðere gifes') because while, ðerefore ðat because (of) f.g.a. (for grovnd af) beautiful comelig beef cowflesc beer ale before: the day before yesterday foreyester benefit winning between (')twicst, betwicst, between bi- twain- bicycle twowheeler, twainwheeler big great, bigg biology lifeformlearning bottle flasce bourgeois burghisc bourgeoisie burghfolcbit bovine cow-
C calm rolig(East.NM), calm(West.NM) car waggon cardinal number recconingcovntword case fall(e.g. 'in allen fallen') cash mashine S.G.G. (straightway gold gifer) castle forthovse cellar vnderhovse centre middel, midbit central mid- cf. (from Latin: confer 'compare') al.w. (scort for alicenessteste wið) chance docanligness change switching to change switchan child bairn(East.,Norð.NM), child(West.NM) choice pic to choose piccan Christmas yvle Christmas time yvletide city greattown clairvoyant clearseeing colony newland colour hue comedian fvnnigman comedy fvnnigness to commit a crime efildoan, wrongdoan to compare alicenesstestan comparison alicenesstesting compatriot landsman complete fvlldone to complete fvlldoan completion fvlldoing complicated manibittig computer wisdomtool to consider afterðincan consonant wiðsovnder context togeðerhang to continue ongoan to co-operate wiðworcan co-operation wiðworcing county scire country land of course covrselig creator scaper creative(ly) scaplig crime wrongdoing criminal wrongdoer to cry whinan, weepan cultural cvstombvnchisc culture cvstombvnch current(ly) nowlig
D to decide bescvttan (cf. Ger. sich beschließen, Swed. besluta) decision bescvtting defeat loss to defeat beatan to defecate scittan to defend foreswearan democracy folcsmight to depart awaygoan, leafan departure awaygoing, leafing to deport awaysendan deportation awaysending to deserve earnan, worð bean despite trots, despite that ðeretrots destiny wyrd detour rovndgomacing dialect areatong diarrhoea ðovghfall dictionary wordenbooc to make a difference an part playan difficult hard difference oðerness different oðerlice to disappear ovtsightgoan disappearance ovtsightgoing disappointment, disappointing downletting to disintegrate asvnderfallan disintegration asvnderfalling distance farness distant far, farof doctor healðfichser dog hovnd/hvnd, dog does doð double twofold
E effect onworcing e.g. f.f./f.o. (for fromtacing/for ovttacing) elaborate manibittig element bit élite topgrovp élitist topgrovpisc email streampost emigrant ovtwanderer to emigrate ovtwanderan emigration ovtwandering empire worldsrealm England Angleland English Anglisc to encourage forwardpvttan entry (in booc, log etc.) inpvtting equal licestanding equidistant samefarness equinox twelftimensday especially besonders essay tryscribing essentially grovndlig to establish bildan etc. a.s.o. (and so on) etymology wordfromness EU (the European Union) ET (ðe Evropaisce Togeðerstanding) Europe Evropa European Evropaisc example ovttacing, fromtacing exchange swap to exchange swappan exhavstive allwiðhafing to excite vpheatan excited vpheated exile a)person: ovtcast, baniscedman b)being exiled: ovtcasting, baniscment to exile baniscan, ovtcastan exit ovtgoing to exit ovtgoan expected waited to explore paðfindan explorer paðfinder to express ovtscowan expression ovtscowing to extinguish ovtpvttan extinguisher ovtpvtter
F famous wellcenned fate wyrd faith fvllbelief final lastgame flash flasc flask flasce flexible bending flower bloom food meat foreign strange forest woods Friday Friggsday to free befrean from here hiðer from there ðither, from there/that ðerefrom from where whence fun rolig(West.NM), fvn(East.NM) fundamental root- future comingtide
G garden plantyard gen. own. genitive case ownerscip fall general allmen generous easygifing geographical earðlig geriatric oldman, oldwoman; oldfolcisc geriatrician oldfolchealðfichser Germany Tvtonland gesture bec (cf. Eng.beck and call) to get becoman giant highman glasses glasseyen global worldwide glove handscoe to go wendan(went, gegone) goddess godwoman goodbye fareðovwell (sing.), farvnyewell (pl.) grammar tonglearning guard minder to guard mindan, scieldan
H happy gladd, merrig, happig hello hail henceforth henseforð hippopotamus waterhorse honest erlig to hope to hopans(deponent) hour time at the house of by
I idiot fool idiotic foolisc i.e. ð.i. (ðat is) ignorant benighted, ðic to ignore pastloocan ill-advised vnreadig illegal unlawisc image liceness to imagine ovtðincan immediate(ly) straightway immigrant inwanderer to immigrate inwanderan immigration inwandering imperative order to implore beseechan important weightig increasingly growinglig independence selfstandingness independent selfstanding infinitive switchlessform influence pressing intention comingtidesplan inter- across-, twicst- to interact twichstworcan interaction twichstworcing international acrosslandisc to invent vpfindan invention vpfinding
J Japan Nippon Japanese Nipponisc jazz dgas jealous green jester fool journal dayscript journalism dayscribing journalist dayscriber journey faring (short trip), rising (longer, far away) to journey risan (far and wide), faran (short trip) judge deemer to judge deeman (cf. Swed. döma) judgement deeming jump leap, spring to jump leapan, springan jungle oldwoods (cf. Ger. Urwald, Swed. urskog) just merelig Jute Dgvt
K keyboard scribetool, writingdesc to know a fact wisan to know a person cennan knowledge wisdom, wit
L language tong, speac legal lawisc to legalise lawiscmacan, allowan to legislate lawmacan legislation lawen letter (of alphabet) boocstafe to liberate befrean library boocroom, boochovse lieutenant steadholder literal(ly) boocstafelig loft loftroom to make love scaggan, fvccan
M magnificent bigmanlig (cf.Old Norse 'stórmanlig') to make love scaggan, fvccan meat flesc to meet (of parliament) ðingan to mention bysayan merciful mildhearted mercy mildheartedness mercury cwicsilfer million ðovðovsand miserable whining modal verb helpworcword at the moment right now Monday Moonsday money gold moose elc morning morn MP (Member of Parliament) folcðingman much micel
N narrow small, narrow national lands- native homelig, homegegrown nautical sea- N.B. m.w. (marce well) necklace necchain never nee noon midday normal fanlig normality fanligness to notice marcan noun ðingword number covntword
O obstacle waystopper o'clock ðes cloccs of af off of often oft OHP (Overhead Projector) OHF (Oferheadforwardtoðrower) onomatopoeia sovndword ordinal number ranccovntword organisation body origin fromness
P painful smarting to be painful smartan panorama rovndsight parallel nonmeeting parent elder parliament folcðing parliamentary folcðinglig party fest passion fire patriot landprovdman patriotic landprovd patriotism landpride peace freed people folc period tide, -tide person man, woman pioneer foredoer, firstdoer to pioneer foredoan, firstdoan pl. mo. place stead to play a)a game, instrument: playan b)like a child: lekan please art ðov/aren ye good (at end of sentence), ðancs pleasure gladdscip pledge troð to pledge troðan plural morelig poem dict poet dicter poetic dictlig political folcðinglig politician folcðingman politics folcðingstvf pork pigflesc position stead possible docanlig possibility docanligness post- after- power might powerful mightig p.m. a.n. (afternoon) to pray beggan prayer begging pre- fore- prefix forefastening present nowlig; here; gift to present bestowan, gifan pressure pressing primary rootlig, head- pro- for- probability liceligness probable licelig problem waystopper to project forwardtoðrowan projector forwardtoðrower to promise forespeacan pronoun steadðingword to pronounce ovtspeacan prostitute scaggirl P.S. A.S./A.W. (after scribing/writing) pub (or public house inn to pull dragan to punish floggan puppy whelp
Q quack cwac quagmire cwagmire quantity amovnt, lot to quarrel cwarrelan quarter fovrð Quebec Cwebec queen cween question ascing questionable ascworðig queue line quick cwic
R radio wireless rage wrað, anger railway ironway Re: Ab: (short for abovt) reason grovnd receive becoman recently newlig recognition hailing regionalised grenslig relative familyman, familywoman relation familyman, familywoman to replace againsettan to represent forstandan, betocennan representative forstander to remember againcennan/againcoman, beðincan to remind oneself beðincan removal awaytacing to remove awaytacan respect dueness respective(ly) orderlig to revolve aroundspinnan revolver spingun ridiculous lavghworðig
S saliva spit salmon lachs to satisfy slacan (cf.Eng 'to slake') Saturday Locisday, Laugisday (East.NM sometimes) to seem worcsan (deponent) semi- half- semifinal halflastgame sentence meaning separable cleftcanlig to separate cleftan settlement ontocoming to have sex scaggan, fvccan sexual scag-, fvc- similarly licewise simple mere simply merelig simultaneous(ly) sametidelig sing. on. singular onelig to sit (of parliament) ðingan situation stead small wee, littel social folclig solstice midsvmmer, midwinter source well source language welltong to spend time bringan to/till to split cleftan state of affairs bvsinesstanding stomach maw (as in 1800ens Anglisc) stories lore strange welsc stream bec stupid ðic, benighted to subjugate masteran subjunctive factlessfrom subtle hairfine subtlety hairfineness to suffice enovgh bean sufficient enovgh suffix endfastening to suggest forepvttan suicide selfcilling Sunday Sunsday sure(ly) safe(lig) Sweden Sfearealm Swedish Sfearealmisc
T table board to take nimman, tacan tavern inn Tel. Fsp. telephone farspeacer television farseer to tempt wooan the ðe(sing.), ði(plur.), ðes(gen.sing.), ðis(gen.plur) thorax midbit three times ðrise Thursday Ðunorsday, Ðorsday (poetic) time tide today ðe day tomorrow ðe morrow, the day after tomorrow ofermorrow toilet bog train ironwaywaggon tram traccwaggon to translate oferpvttan to travel faran (short trip), risan (far and wide) treble ðreefold to tremble scvdderan triple ðreefold to touch fingeran tour rovndleading town ton/town Tuesday Tiwsday, Tyrsday (poetic)
U umbrella rainscield under this herebeneað underlying root- unifed togeðerput, unite, bring together to unify togeðerputtan to unite a)be united: togeðerstandan b)unify, bring together: togeðerputtan united a)with sense of togethetness: togeðerstanding b)unified, brought together: togeðerput until till/to to urinate pissan us vs, t'vs USA (the United States of America) TSA (ði Togeðerstandingen Staten Americas) to use anwendan usual fanlig
V value worð venereal scag-, fvc- vendingmachine selfseller vendor seller verb worcword vernacular commontong versus against vertex peac, top vice versa o.w.r. (ðe oðer way rovnd) victor winner victory win village dorf, ðorpe, by(East.NM) VIP (very important person) MWM (mvchlig weightig man) viz. (short for Latin: videlicet) nam. (short for namelig) vocabulary wordhoard voice movð vowel fowel vs. ag.
W to walk wendan(went, gegone) water waðer, water Wednesday Wodensday, Odinsday (poetic) weekend weecsend well-advised readig why wherefore to work worcan to write scriban, writan
X xenophobia welscfear x-ray roentgen to x-ray roentgenan
Y you ðov(sing), ye(plur.) yesterday yester, the day before yesterday foreyester
Z Zambia Sambia zeal ceenness zebra stripehorse zenith oferheadscybit, topstead zephyr softwind zero novght, nowt, none Zimbabwe Simbabwe zone landbit, tract zoo deergarden zoology deerlearning Zulu Svlv

Note that all NM words spelled in this dictionary with 'v' can 
alternatively be spelled with 'u'. Similarly, words listed here 
with the cluster 'wh' can also be spelled with 'hw'.