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Here is your exam paper in Northumbro-Mersian.

You may take as long as you need.

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Remember that you may  use the letter q/Q to represent ð/Ð

You may start writing.

Section 1. Render the following in Northumbro-Mercian: a) air b) time c) to seem d) adjective e) the day before yesterday f) glove g) We ate at John's house yesterday. h) Don't give it him, give it us! i) Please buy me a red apple while you're out. j) Six of us will be going to Australia in July. k) The houses in the village are magnificent. l) We celebrated with the party of the millenium.

Section 2.
Render the following in English:
a) boocroom
b) oferpvttan
c) newlig
d) selfworcing
e) time
f) twowheeler
g) folcsmight
h) Tis docanlig bvt vnreadig, too muccel ale to drincan.
i) Ðere finds manig deeren in ðe deergarden.
j) Ig finde, ðat NorðvmbroMersia selfstanding bean scould.
k) Brisinga is Freyas wellcenned, comelig, heafig and dear necchain.

Section 3.
Translate the following text into English:

         by WINSTON CHURCHILL, First Minister af Great Britain
               Before ðe Commonerenshovse, Jvne 4, 1940
     We scallen not flaggan nor failan.  We scallen on to ðe ende goan.  We
scallen in Francenmarc and on ði seaen and oceanen fightan; we scallen
wið growing selftrvst and growing strength in ðe air fightan.  We scallen 
ovr island whatefer may be ðe cost foreswearan; we scallen on
beachen, landinggrovnden, in fielden, in streeten and on ði hillen fightan. 
We scallen nee vpgifan and efen if, which ig for ðe timebittling not
beliefe, ðis island or an big part ðereaf gemastered and
starfing were, ðen ovr Worldsrealm beyond ði seaen, gearmed and gescielded 
by ðe Britisce Fleet, will oncarrian ðe strvggel til in Gods goode 
tide ðe Newe Worlde wið all its weight and might, forðsetteð 
to ðe befreeing and ransom ðes Oldes.

Section 4.
Translate the following text into Northumbro-Mercian:

Dando's Dogs                       Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

Dando was a dissolute old priest whose flock heard more of horn than of homily. At a 'kill' one day, 
having drunk all that his followers would readily offer, he accepted the flask of a strange horseman. 
He returned it empty and reluctantly, for never before had such rare vintage stirred his veins. 
"I'll gallop to Hell for more," he swaggered. 
"Then come!" cried the handsome stranger, who whisked Dando on to his pommel and raced away with the 
hounds at his heels. 
So great was the speed that the pack was soon out-distanced so that even today it still follows its 
endless quest. 


If you wish to undertake any compostional work or translate further passages into 
Northumbro-Mercian, these should also be left here. 

This further evidence of your abilities in Northumbro-Mercian may be used, on request,
to re-assess your grade. 

Translated passages should, where possible, be accompanied by a copy of the original 
text or a URL address where the source text can be viewed.
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