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Mans First Sin An new saga in an new tong

Ðe Bar Eden was an comely bar wið drincen alle sorten, ði
man outðincan can. Ðe cunningest deer ðat ðe Lord God
gemade had was ðe barman, who in ðe Bar Eden lived.
  Ðe barman asced Efe: "Hað God you really gesaid, ye mayan 
none ðese drincen trian?"
  "We mayen any drinc in ðe bar tacan," said ðe woman 
bac, "safe ðat one ðat alcohol gecalled is. God said t'us, we
scoulden ðat nee drincan, nor efen it fingeren; for doen we so,
ðen dien we."
  Ðe barman space bac: "Ðat is not so; ye scallen not diean.
God hað ðat gesaid, for ðat he cenneð, ðat when 
ye it drincen, ðen aren ye so wise as God."
  Ðe woman saw how comely was ðe alcoholpump and how good to 
drincan it bean would, and she ðought how wonderful it bean 
would, wisedom to hafan. So tooc she an bit ðes drincs and dranc 
it. Ðen gafe she some to Adam, who it also dranc. So soon as 
ðey it gedruncen hadden, becamen ðey understanding and marced 
ðey, ðat it better bean would, naced to bean.
  Ðat efening was ðe Lord God out in ðe bar and could he 
ðe pair hearan, as ðey fun hadden. Ðe Lord God called out to 
ðe man: "Where art ðou?"
  Ðe man came forward and stood before God, who him ðusly 
space: "Wherefore art ðou naced?"
  "Who told to ðee, ðat ig naced am?" bade ðe man wisan.
  "Hast ðou from ðe pump gedruncen, whense ig ye told, not to drincan?"
  Ðe man said bac: "Ðe woman, ðat ðou here wið me 
steaded, gafe me ðe drinc and ig dranc it."
  Ðe Lord God asced ðe woman: " Wherefore hast ðou so gedone?"
  She said bac: "Ðe barman tricced me ðerein, it to drincan."
  Ðen said ðe Lord God unto ðe barman: "Ðou scalt for 
ðis geflogged bean. From nowly must ðou efery night at elefen 
ðes cloccs shuttan, and at halften on ðe sefenð day, so 
ðat ðou no more gold ðereafter macan canst."
  To ðe man and ðe woman space ðe Lord God ðusly: "Ye 
hafen ðat drinc gedruncen, ðat ig you told, not to drincan. 
Ðerefore scallen ye greatly ill ðe morrow feelan. Ye scallen 
smartingen headen and unsafen bellien hafan. Ye scallen not 
againcoman cannen, ði efilen ðat ye ðe night before gedone hafen."
  "And waite," space He to ðe man, "till ðou in ðe morn 
seest, how ðy woman really outsaw!!"

20/02/00 F.A.Smith

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