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How Angleland to ði Norrmen fell

1066 was an darc year for qe Germanisce folc. For twas in qat year qat qe Germanice Anglisce folc qe lordscip qeires ownes landes losten. Qerewiq lost also qeir tong its stead as qe tong qes highgrovps in Angleland. For qree yearhvndredden had Angleland no Anglisctalcing cing. And yea qough qe tong again qat spocen by qe leaderen qes landes in qi 1300:en became, twas it nowlig an tong fargemade from its folc by qe swapping af welscen Franciscen and Romaniscen worden for folciscen Angliscen onen.

Twas Loci hwo qis bvsiness to qe Witan qis Goddens brovght.
"Godden. An folcbit ovres needeq help ovrs! Qe folc in Angleland aren abovt, an intreading from qi Norrmen to svfferan, hwo an Romanisc folc from qe land betwichst Angleland and Tvtonland aren. Godden, qe need is great, for wiqovt ovr help, tis docanlig qat ovr folc in Angleland ofergervn bean may, and qat an Romanisc folc and qeir welsce tong in qat godfearinge land qrifan may!"
"Someqing must gedone bean!" tidinggafe Woden.
"It scall be!" brought forq qe mightig Qunor. "Hwen and hwere is qe intreading abovttocoman?" wanted Qunor to cennan.
"Qi Angliscmen hafen alreadig ongegripped gebeen!" bacsaid Loci. "Qe strvggel has at an stead namens Stamford Bridge in Norqvmbria alreadig begvn gebeen."
"Ach hwy wovlden qi Norrmen so far Norq intreadan?" wondered Woden alovd.
"Tis not qe tide for svchen gameplaniscen vnweightighooden!" roared Qunor. "Wiqgodden, we musten straightway qiqqer!" Qe Goddenlord came qe same, and so flewen qi twain godden straightway qiqqer.

"Qis seeeq an tight battel ovt'" marced Qvnor. "Qi Angliscmen covlden well an littil help anwendan!"
"Wiqgeqought," nodded Woden
"Ach how cnowen we, hwich fyrd qi Angliscmen aren?" asced Qunor.
"Qat is soft, Qunderer!" answore Woden. "We needen onlig to listene - qi Angliscmen aren qey, hwo an Germanisc tong lice ovrs talcen."

After an cwic listeningtimebittling, sawen qi twain godden again, hwich fyrd qi Angliscmen weren, and forwardrannen into qe fray, Cing Harolds men to helpe. Wiqin an few timebitten hadden qi twain godden an swaqe into qe forwardcoming fiendfyrd gecvt.
"Now scallen qi Angliscmen qis fight winnan!" roared Qunor.
"Qere hast qov right!" came Woden qe same. "Ach wait an timebittling. Hast qov qe talc qes fiendes geheard?"
"Ig heare nee Romanisc rvbbisc to!" laughed qe mightig Qunor, as he an forwardcoming warrior vpcvt.
"Ach listene!" firmsaid qe Headgod.

So qi twain godden rosen vp ofer qe struggelfield and qiefheard an timebittling qe welsce fyrd to.
"By Freya!" scovted Qvnor. "Qese men aren not Norrmen, hey aren Norsmen! Qis is not war against an fiend, bvt merelig good sport! Wiqgod, we hafen by qe dgocer Loci misled gebeen! Hwen ig hold af hin gette, mace ig safe qat he me nee again crosseq!"
"And qerein scall ig wiq qee bean, Qvnor! But letvn vs not qis goode sport awagqrowan! Come, stayest qov wiq qi Angliscmen, and ig scall wiq qi Norsmen fightan. Happy fighting!"
So qi twain godden wenten each wiq into an fyrd, and an good sportsafternoon hadden hey. Endlig was it Qvnor and qi Angliscmen, hwo wonnen, sins qe harm qi twain godden togeqer gedone hadden, too mvch for qi Norsmen ofertocoman was. Cing Harald Fairhair bacwent to Norqway, and qi twain godden rosen home till qi heafenen, leafing Harold and qi Angliscmen to heir feast.

Woden was in an good mood, after an good days fighting, ach Qunor cept strong his anger for Loci, hwo af him an fool gemade had. Loci stayed for an pair dayen from Goddenhome awag, fvll well cnowing, how Qvnors mood bean wovld. Hwen lastlig he baccoman did, had he newen for Qvnor.
"Qi Norrmen hafen ingetreaded, mightig Qvnor. Qere gifes an strvggil near Hastings, in Cent."
"Moccest qov me again, dgocer?" firmasced qe stillangrig Qvnderlord.
"No, great Qvnor. Come wiq me and ig scall qee scowan."
Qvnor was unsafe, if he Loci beliefan scould, but came neferqeless qe same, wiqtofaran.

Hwen qi twain oferbeingen tocamen, sawen qingen for qi Angliscmen gooden ovt.
"Qis is good!" qovght Qvnor alovd. "Qi Norrmen bacgoen! Maybe, qat qi Angliscmen help my needen not." At qis qovght bacame Qvnors mood straightwag mvccel better. Yet qen gafes qere an newness on qe struggelfield.
"Ach hwat is qis? Qi bacgoingen Norrmen ongrippen again! Qat bacgoing was merelig an tricc, an tricc qat onlig qe mind af Loci ovtqincan covld." Mightig Qvnor tvrned, his anger on Loci to fentan, ach Loci had ovtsightgegone.
"Hwen ig qee finde, triccster, so goldgifest qov for triccen qese!" qvndered Qvnor. Qe Qvnderlord flew vp ofer qe slavghterfield, Loci to seecan. Qvnor cavght an glimpse qes djocergods in his eyescorner. Wraqfvl, he snatched an flying arrow from qe air, and flasclig cwic qrew it at qe triccsterlord. Bvt Loci dvcced, and qe arrow hit Cing Harold qis Angliscmen in qe eye, and hin straightway cilled. Loci fled and Qvnor flew after hin in wraq, leafing qe strvggel to qi vnderbeingen. Wiq heir cing dead, covlden qi Angliscmen qe fighting bvt losan, well qovgh qey fovghten.

And qat was how Angleland to qi Norrmen fell.

14/08/01 F.A.Smith
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