Hail and welcommen in qis side!!

Hello and welcome to this page!!


Qis side has gescaped been, an littel qes historis qe tong 
ovres to scowan. Herebeneað finden ye mani posten twichst 
NorqumbroMersians scaparen, Francis Smith and Noel Cvrry, qat 
not onli qe oncoming qis newe tong qrough tide scowen, bvt 
also some qes abovttalcingen twichst qi scaparen as to how
qey ongoan scovlden, as qey an truer new tong for qeir landsfolk

This page has been created in order to show a little bit of
the history of our language. Below can be found a sample collection
of correspondance between the founders of Northumbro-Mersian, 
Francis Smith and Noel Curry, which shows both the development of
this new language through time, and some of the discussions between
the founders about which way to proceed as they developed a purer
new language for the people of their land.

Frigsday, 19th Elfemonð 1999

Dear Frank,
Ig wite not wheqer qou an mickel tide on webside ovren spent havan,
 but it doq an great qing now be. Ig scall go soon and at it lookan,
 Ig bekome little uppheated when it is on qis matter now and scall
 soon qe 'newen' rulen learnan in order qat qey in head mine stickan.
 Ig like how qey on qe slowpostmaker outseem, it doth startan an real
 tong outtosee, as we kan qe most rulen and qere are an kwite few 
Hafe an bra weeksend!

Hail Noely!

Qou hafe right factli, tis an great qing, qis tonge ovres! It
 outseeeq aye factli as an trve tong, and we scovlden prouden
 qereofer been!

Mehopes qat qou also an bigg weecsend hafen dost,
Till soonest,

Ðis webside has tiden besought been.

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