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Herebeneað finden ye alle NMs fowelen and how man ðen ovtspeacan scovld...

 a,  f.f. after, ovtgespocen as Ang.lish ‘cat’
 ai, f.f. rain, ov. as Ang. ‘lie’ 
 ao, f.f. gaol, ov. as a ðen o 
 av, f.f. cavght,  ov. as Ang.  ‘cow’ 
 ay, f.f. away, day, ov. as NM ai abofe
 e,  f.f. men, ov. as Ang. ‘men’
 ea, f.f. earð, speacan, ov. as e ðen a
 ee, f.f. weec, ov. as Ang. ‘three’
 ei, f.f. weight, ov. as Ang. ‘rain’ 
 ey, f.f. eye, ðey, ov. as NM ei abofe
 i,  f.f. sittan, ov. as Ang. ‘sit’
 ia, f.f. Mersia, ov. as i ðen a
 ie, f.f. scield, ov. as i ðen e
 o,  f.f. one, ov. as Ang. ‘on’
 oa, f.f. board, ov. as o ðen a
 oe, f.f. scoe, ov. lice ðe fowel in Ang. 'her' or Tvt. 'hören'
 oo, f.f. booc, ov. as Ang.. ‘boot’ 
 ov, f.f. ðov, ðrovgh, ov. lice Ang 'low', but furðer bac
       in ðe movð, as nowly in Manchester 
 ow, f.f. cow, now, ov. as ov (ow is fanly as an wordending 
       instead af ov gescribed)
 oy, f.f. toy, boy ov. as NorðAng. 'toy'
 v,  f.f. bvt, ov. as NorðAng. 'but'
 vy, f.f. gvy, bvy ov. lice ðe sovnd in toy, but beginning
       wið v not o, as ðe nowly Birmingham 'buy'
 y,  f.f. hymn, dyce, rye, ov. as oo but wið rovnded lippen, like
       Tvt. 'über', Sfe. 'ny' or Fre 'tu'  
 y,  as wordending f.f. silly, fly, is ðe same as i and can also
       ðvsly gescribed bean 

 Alle oðer fowelgroupingen aren welsh and musten ðerefore 
againsteaded bean

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